2017 365 #53


This doesn’t look like much, but added to the snow and rain we’ve received so far this “water year” (which began in October),  we’ve now had the wettest water year in the 124 years they’ve been keeping records.  More snow is expected this weekend.

2017 365 #12

More snow fell overnight and all day. The commute was a mess, delaying my arrival.  And it was a crazy-busy day at work, but I was able to step out for a few minutes to snap this scene with my iPhone.  This is a color photograph.


2017 365 #8

Lots of rain is coming through our area with expected flooding in a number of areas. We are high enough at our house to avoid the danger, fortunately.

The view from my kitchen window.


We are getting a lot of this

Not much in this photo, but, yeah, El Niño is doing what we were hoping for … adding much-needed snow pack to the Sierra Nevada and bringing a lot of wet to the lower elevations. I’m looking forward to a beautiful spring!