Buddy in the Backyard

The old boy is still hanging in there!  Meds are helping his arthritis, but he’s definitely slowing down. We’ve finally pinned down what is wrong with him: Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis Polyneuropathy (GOLPP).

Buddy 10-21-2017-WP


    • Both. She diagnosed him with laryngeal paralysis several months ago and thought the hind limb weakness was due to degenerative myelopathy. But all four limbs are affected and it is not progressing the way DM does. Hence the GOLPP diagnosis. In addition, he has underlying arthritis. The anti-inflammatory he is on is really helping with that.


      • The tie-back surgery mentioned in the link.

        And I know what you mean; when our cats got old, the risk of putting them under for some procedures was greater than the potential benefit. I suppose it’s the same with us humans when we get to a certain point.


        • No plan to do any kind of surgery, at this point. He is still able to play and get around. His appetite is good. We want him to enjoy whatever he’s got left, and putting him under would just be too risky.


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