Lensbaby Jezzie


We’re off to the vet this morning. I’m not looking forward to the caterwauling on the ride over, though. She does NOT like the carrier. At. All.


  1. Yeah, we had to wrap our cats in towels and put them in the carrier towel and all. And yes, long conversations on the way to the vet, starting out indignant, transitioning to resigned, and ending in “woe is me”.


    • I purchased a top-loading carrier about six weeks ago. It is the best. No more jamming the cat head or tail first through a door. Just drop them in and lock it up.

      Jezzie was NOT happy on the ride over, at the vet and all the way home. At one point she just hid her face in the crook of my arm and trembled. But I got her meds and hopefully her skin issues will abate and she’ll feel much better. She’s really been in misery.


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