Our loud, brave, loving girl. First out of the closet, bravest of the litter. Never cowed by the big dogs, you wove yourself between their legs just as you wove yourself into our hearts. We love you forever.

Aug 5, 2003 – December 15, 2020


Eyeing the inevitable

She didn’t eat last night. She didn’t holler at me this morning for her morning meal. She merely took a trip to the litter box, vomited up some bile, then went back to her pillows by the heater grate. She’s very quiet this morning, and my heart is starting to break.

Jezebel 12-13-2020-1Jezebel 12-13-2020-2

January 6, 2020

Jezebel is now our oldest living pet. Born in August 2003, at 16 1/2 she is only recently begun to show signs of age (I fear renal disease). We shall see. Getting her to strike such a dignified pose is usually a challenge, but today she obliged me.


Fujifilm X100F 365/Day 31

I’m a day behind on posting. I’ll get caught up by the end of the weekend. This is for Jan 31.



ISO 10,000 / f/2 / 1/60s
23.0 mm (35.4 mm in 35mm)
RAW – Processed in Lightroom