Working Vacation

Sweetie and I are in Hawaii right now with his brother and wife to assist his mom in packing up a part of her household items. Her husband is in the last months of his life and we are having to go through things to toss, keep, donate. Good family time, but trying. Still Sweetie and I managed to get to the beach yesterday. Not sure when we’ll be able to get back though.

Windsurfers. Kailua, Hawaii.


    • And it is complicated because this was a second marriage for him, therefore, other family not present needs to go through his stuff as well. Hence the focus on mom’s stuff only.


  1. This is a gorgeous shot, Carissa. Seems that you’ve had your share of this sad job lately. Enjoy your working vacation as much as you can. Steal a little time on that beach! What a wonderful place to visit this time of year when the weather is not so great back home! My condolences to Sweetie. Losing his father is painful, I know. The end of a generation. Now, he is the living generation. That was kind of a strange feeling for me when Dean’s dad died and then my own died. Time moves on.


    • Actually, this is not Sweetie’s dad. He lost his father years ago. However, George is a long-time friend of the family and had know Sweetie’s mom for years. All the kids grew up together, and two years after mom lost her husband, she and George wed. They recently had their tenth anniversary.


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