For those of you who think I’ve abandoned color.

A portion of Honolulu… You can see Hawaii’s state bird over there in the upper right corner.

Meanwhile, back in Kailua . . .

Working Vacation

Sweetie and I are in Hawaii right now with his brother and wife to assist his mom in packing up a part of her household items. Her husband is in the last months of his life and we are having to go through things to toss, keep, donate. Good family time, but trying. Still Sweetie and I managed to get to the beach yesterday. Not sure when we’ll be able to get back though.

Windsurfers. Kailua, Hawaii.


How many trips have I made to L.A. to visit with my dad in the last year? And how many times have I said “This time I’m going to get to the beach?”

Well, dear readers, I finally made it.

Torrance Beach

This is not to say that this trip is not without its stresses, but it was nice to get away for a couple of hours.