Winter leaves

I shot this in the parking lot of a local shopping mall. I pulled out all the color but the orange and yellow of the leaves, applied a couple of filters, and here you go.


    • I don’t want the buds to come too early, but it’s been warm, so that ship may already have sailed. I worry about a late freeze and I’d like to see apples in my backyard this year.


  1. I share your views on the early spring but have to say that it all seems to be coming in a rush here in the U.K. Not that we are swathed in colourful flowers but the buds and early growth is coming on at a pace and before too long we will be awash with spring colour. But I still suspect that the jet stream will change once again and we get a late bout of frosts. Now onto your parking lots shot! Great…….. and if you hadn’t told us we would never have guessed where it was! Your treatment of it is well thought out and executed


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