My Hands

I have my mother’s hands. Strong, peasant stock. I’ve always been a bit self-conscious of them. With my short, crooked, bony fingers, I’ll never be a hand model.  But last Mother’s Day, my daughter wrote something very special for me and I’ve never looked at my hands with loathing again.  I’ve combined her words with a self-portrait I shot this past weekend.



  1. “Cold hands, warm heart” is something my grandmother always used to tell me!!! That’s very touching what your daughter wrote. It reminds me a little about my own mother, who is a beautiful woman (both in her younger years and now a senior) but has always especially hated her “man hands”. I really like your blog, I started following you a few days ago. After a couple years of blogging mostly to just a handful of friends so-to-speak, I’m trying to reach out and meet more people. You’re a wonderful, talented photographer- My blog is all over the place to a fault but photography is a passion of mine, too. And it’s interesting seeing your images from Reno. Coincidentally, our widower neighbor from across the street is retired and wants to eventually move there. He was just visiting this month, in fact.

    The other thing that caught my eye tonight is when I snuck a peak at your SmugMug site (I’m on SmugMug, too….relatively new). I saw the WordPress icon that’s on your SmugMug homepage that serves as a link. I didn’t know that could be done and I’m excited about that (I’m technologically challenged) and hopefully I can figure it out for myself but I hope you don’t mind if I ask you later about how you did that. At any rate…..hello!


    • Thanks for stopping by and your kind words! Getting the WordPress icon next to your name is pretty simple, Go into your SmugMug Profile and click on the Social tab. You will see a number of social media sites where you can add your links (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc). Enter the url for your site and it looks like SmugMug does the rest. Click on the link below for an image.


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