One shot, two ways

Another chance for reader critique!

I love hearing from you regarding my work, so here’s another opportunity to compare two similar photographs.



As I was following this couple down Second Street, I was intrigued by their body language and the deliberate, slow way they were making their way down the street. As they were leaving the shade and heading to the cross-walk, I wanted to make sure I got an image of them with the sunlight highlighting them. That was the shot I was excited about in the moment. When I got home and reviewed my shots, however, I felt that the first shot was the stronger image even though it was taken in the shade. I like the framing of the building on the left, the awnings and branches of the tree above and the street / cars to the left. I find the fellow looking in the window of the pawn shop an interesting addition, as well as the sign, especially the words “Courteous Loans.” For some reason, that tickled me. Finally, the woman between them at the cross-walk with the walk signal above her head, adds an additional layer to the photograph that I find pleasing.

The second image, while interesting for a few seconds because of what the sunlight is doing, is rather flat and uninteresting.

Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.