Going with the grain

From my little selfie session the other night. In Lightroom I softened the clarity a bit, added a medium grain, and subtle sepia. I like the end result, and lean towards the vignetted version (#1) but kind of like it without, as well. What do you think? (Poll below images)




        • I appreciate your comments, David. I don’t mind a critique of my work at all. And your critique was just that. You recognized that I looked a bit sad, but you did not say you didn’t like that I wasn’t smiling or wished that I’d been smiling. I’m on board with that.

          The nerve it touched was the one women have to deal with a lot, which was what I referred to in my comment under “Smile, Baby.” This may be hard to understand, but there is often an expectation of women that we must be pleasant at all times, and we must not offend or make others feel uncomfortable. Sometimes my photographs, even my self-portraits, will make people uncomfortable. I can’t help that. Or maybe that’s what I want. I don’t always take “pretty” pictures.

          That being said, I’ve had women do this to me as well, “Why aren’t you smiling in your Facebook profile pic???? Change it back!!!” as though I had no agency of my own, and my wall, my smile, was her property. It irritated me.

          You may find this interesting (or not). It was certainly an eye opener for me: The Male Gaze


          • Well the ‘Male Gaze’ was certainly not what I had in mind. I just find it so sad that women should feel so threatened that innocent smiles of friendship can be so misunderstood. May be I am lucky where we live as may daily walks would be so much the poorer without those friendly smiles both given and retuned…usually with the obligatory ‘British’ comments on the weather!


          • That’s not what I meant at all. I return smiles on the street all the time, and give my own without prompting. I really like people and interacting with them. I am not threatened by others’ smiles. Not in the least!


  1. Peut-être essayer de rajouter un peu de contraste? Par contre, le cadrage me gène un peu, j’aurais un peu plus centré.
    Et, effectivement, votre visage mérite un petit brin de sourire au coin des yeux.


    • Hmm. A bit more contrast? Not what I was going for in this one, but I will play with it some. But, yes, the framing is breaking the “rules.” Sorry that I am not smiling in this one. I don’t always want to.


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