Pancake Lens Play

Sweetie and I, along with Daughter and her Fiance, went to the Behind the Myths Tour with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) last night in Reno. Sweetie toddled off to bed shortly after we got home. As is often the case, I was keyed up from the evening’s activities and couldn’t sleep.

Yay for cooperative critters.

All shot with my 40mm pancake lens. ย All f/2.8.




  1. I never realised her little chin was ginger, you can’t really see that in her sitting shots but def in the lying down ones, how cute. Also notice how the size of the pupil in her eyes changes size and shape depending on the light source.


    • Jezebel is the one sitting and Maya is the one laying down. Maya is the one with the cream-colored chin, though if there is a shadow it can look like it’s ginger. They look so much alike, though Jezebel’s coloring is a bit darker with less ginger than Maya. Sometimes, if I’m looking at them quickly and from a distance, I can only tell them apart by their chins! Maya is Jezzie’s mother.


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