We’re in

All the furniture is in, but the new place is still a bit upside down. The master bedroom was reconstructed the first night, and as of yesterday, the kitchen is pretty much unpacked. I’ve set up a nice liquor closet too (priorities, people!). The family room is livable, as is the dining area.  Our offices need to be put together and there are many more boxes still to be moved from storage to the new digs, not to mention all of Sweetie’s shop equipment.  Sweetie spent the day yesterday connecting the laundry and running wire for our internet.

We had a huge scare yesterday:  Jezebel must have found and excellent hiding spot. So good, in fact, that we both thought she’d gotten out the front door somehow and was lost in the neighborhood. After a couple of hours of panic, with me bawling my eyes out for a bit, she suddenly appeared from our bedroom.   That little brat.

The dogs are getting used to having dogs all around, and I took them on a walk around the neighborhood yesterday morning, which they seemed to like. They were very good.

Oh, and on Sunday, we checked out Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs. I think we’ve found our breakfast spot.  And it’s just up the street!

The remains of a delicious “Veggie Bene.”




    • The trip over in the car was awful, and then the cats just slunk around all evening, but they managed to find the bed the first night (their usual sleeping spots). They were off of their feed a bit on Sunday, but by yesterday seemed to have calmed down and were eating well. This morning, back to normal for food. Jezzie was yelling at me to feeeeeed her.

      But you’re right, moving isn’t easy on pets. Harder than for us humans – at least we understand what’s happening. We’ve tried our best to make the transition as smooth as possible by immediately reinstating all rituals and feed timings so they would feel at home quickly.


  1. Oh so glad you’re in and that you found little Jezebel. One time when we were moving, Terry moved the first day with our cat and I was due to arrive with the dogs and the moving van the following day. He unwittingly locked the cat in a kitchen cupboard and went to bed, when he got up the next morning of course he couldn’t find her and was puzzled as to how she had escaped. He knew I would KILL him if he lost my cat, luckily she started mewing from the cupboard and he breathed a sigh of relief. Terrifying to think your fur baby is wandering around a strange neighbourhood completely lost. Hugs all round. xxxx


    • I was also afraid she’d gone under the house as Sweetie had gone into the crawl space through the entry in our master bedroom closet. But no, she’d just been hiding out somewhere. Glad your kitty was none the worse for the wear!


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