Autumn morning

Just a few quickies from yesterday morning. I have been going through camera withdrawal, as the move has put a serious crimp in my photographic forays.  Afterward, I headed off to the storage unit to grab more boxes to unpack. Almost there . . .

We have two large trees in the backyard: a maple and an apple. The maple is shedding leaves like crazy, but the apple tree is still hanging on to hers.

The dogs are getting used to having dogs all around them.   I can’t tell you how worried I was that we would move into a neighborhood where we’d have the only barking dogs, thereby ensuring our social ostracism.  Fortunately, our two aren’t the worst barkers in the neighborhood.

Nina amid the maple leaves.

That is not our pot but a leftover from the previous residents. Needless to say, this little plot of dirt will never see plants actually in the ground. Buddy has already claimed it, so potted plants will be the order of the day.

They don’t know it yet, but as soon as I get dressed, the three of us are going for a W-A-L-K.

We’re in

All the furniture is in, but the new place is still a bit upside down. The master bedroom was reconstructed the first night, and as of yesterday, the kitchen is pretty much unpacked. I’ve set up a nice liquor closet too (priorities, people!). The family room is livable, as is the dining area.  Our offices need to be put together and there are many more boxes still to be moved from storage to the new digs, not to mention all of Sweetie’s shop equipment.  Sweetie spent the day yesterday connecting the laundry and running wire for our internet.

We had a huge scare yesterday:  Jezebel must have found and excellent hiding spot. So good, in fact, that we both thought she’d gotten out the front door somehow and was lost in the neighborhood. After a couple of hours of panic, with me bawling my eyes out for a bit, she suddenly appeared from our bedroom.   That little brat.

The dogs are getting used to having dogs all around, and I took them on a walk around the neighborhood yesterday morning, which they seemed to like. They were very good.

Oh, and on Sunday, we checked out Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs. I think we’ve found our breakfast spot.  And it’s just up the street!

The remains of a delicious “Veggie Bene.”



One day they were green . . .

And the next day, they weren’t.

Autumn is here.  Fortunately, the days ahead are clear and not too cold, which is fortunate as we will be moving on Saturday. This is sooner than anticipated, but good for us logistically. So this blog may go dark for the next few days, unless I can find time to blog via iPad. I rather doubt it, though.

High Stress Zone Ahead

We’re moving into a new home in about a month. Between that, work, a wedding I’m shooting, another shoot, moving, packing, hauling boxes to storage, packing, packing, throwing away stuff, work, packing, more throwing away stuff, not sleeping, more packing and more hauling, well, it’s going to be a crazy month.

In the end it will be worth it, but right now it is just sleeplessness and nausea-inducing.


I snapped this with my iPhone the day we viewed it and knew we wanted to make it ours.