An update on the subscription problem

Well, thank goodness you are all still showing up in my Reader. I’m slowly going through my blog roll and “unfollowing” and “refollowing” you all. I hope that works. But it does not appear that I am receiving any of the blogs I subscribe to as a digest. GRRRR.

Edited to add: All the trouble started when I converted my gmail account to the new format that includes tabs. Suddenly I stopped receiving all the blogs I “followed” but am still receiving all blogs to which I subscribed via email.


    • Nope, not in my SPAM filter. Poof. Gone. Nothing. This makes no sense and it appears WP is aware of the gmail issue. I honestly don’t know whose problem this is. My setting in WP are to be notified by email of new posts, either immediately or on a daily basis. Suddenly I’m not getting any but the ones I subscribed to via a “Subscribe by Email” widget on the WP site. Anything that I subscribed to via the “Follow” feature is not working, unless I go in and “unfollow” and then “refollow” and then go into my WP preferences and change it from being only in my reader to being notified of posts.

      I have a rather lengthy “follow” list, so this is a real pain in the neck. 😦


  1. It’s gmail’s fault. I had the same problem. So I switched back to getting everything in the same inbox. I was confused because blog updates ended up in different folders. I hope you figure it out.


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