Tour de Nez: Handcycles

I’ll be posting a lot of my shots from Sunday’s Tour de Nez over the next few days.

The handcycle race was the first race of the day (after the 5k run) and it was great fun, and inspiring.  These guys can fly!

These are just a few. When the gallery is complete, I’ll provide the link.

More photos tomorrow!


  1. I’m so glad you chose to post handcycles first! I saw your post in Nevada Photographers on Facebook. 🙂 I love the handcycles–very inspiring. We didn’t make it to the Nez this year but it is a very special event that I hope continues. I know there were some funding issues this year but hopefully Bubba will do well with it.


  2. Those fellows leaning back on the handcycles remind me of Luge sledders…those who careen down solid sheets of (pick one: ice or pavement) for whom I have great respect, but absolutely no earthly idea why anyone would actually DO that. 🙂


    • I wondered how many times they’ve scraped their elbows to the bone. Yikes! Of course, when one is a paraplegic, I suppose a couple of skinned elbows are nothing.


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