I captured this fellow today in our backyard.


I like how dragonflies look like they are smiling.

This guy hung around for quite a bit, letting me snap away.


  1. I believe in Dragonflies was a poem or is it the one in one of the rooms of my brain? – 😀 – I love these photos you made and I wish I could do the same but we don’t have ponds or lakes close to where I live that seems to have dragonflies – we call it Goldsmede (Gold smiths) and I remember as child I was playing at a pond and I saw some blue glimpse but I was never able to catch any (on camera) So therefore I am more than happy to see your photos – Thanks so much for sharing 😀


    • Thank you, Mariane. We have them every year in our backyard, and they like to light upon sticks and branches and tend to stay put, for some reason. I’ve never been able to catch one in flight though. Much too fast!


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