Wishing won’t make it so

We are selling our house, so I’m trying to keep everything ship-shape, just in case a potential buyer wants to see the house during the day. This means making sure the tub area is completely wiped down and no drips are falling from the faucet.

For Maya, this means no more catching the drips as they fall from the faucet or lapping the water that puddles in the bottom of the tub.

That doesn’t stop her from hoping though.

“What happened to my personal drinking fountain?”


“Maybe if I just stare at it some . . . ”



“You’re getting drippy, veeerrry drippy . . .”


“Maybe it just needs a little coaxing . . .”


“I know you’re in there!  Drip, darn it!”


Maya’s shenanigans makes me feel like a terrible cat-mom.


  1. Cats are so crazy! I really like this little set of photos and wish you luck with selling your home. Perhaps you might consider buying a new place with a tap that drips just for Maya?


  2. I love this. You can just see her thoughts going through that cute cat head. And going through my head is, are you leaving us, or just changing houses?


  3. Aw poor Maya, she is adorable. I just found out why I’m not getting your posts in my reader, somehow WordPress stopped me following your blog! Others are complaining about comments disappearing and some going into the spam mail.


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