I had the house to myself last night, so you know what that means!  I was looking to explore broad soft lighting but at the same time decided to try shooting myself in a ball cap, just to see what challenges the brim would provide.


Ah! Lipstick! Better…

One, sans cap. Pretty pink nails.

And one with Nina, for fun. She was squirmy and didn’t cooperate for the timer!


    • Thank you, Bente. If I were outside I would be very conscious of the fact that I would need to use fill to open the shadows. I did the same here.


  1. Nice work, Carissa! I love your lighting experiments. Did you have to lighten some shadows in post processing (for the shots with the cap/brim, I mean) or did you succeed in making it all happen with the lighting itself?


    • I do play with curves in post (as would just about anyone), and that can help pull some things out of shadow a bit, but in this case I worked to make sure my face was opened with the lighting. Not even close to perfect, but I learn something every time I do something like this.


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