Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine (and Day 276)

This week’s photo challenge is “Mine.” There isn’t much I consider mine. Not really.

I have possessions, but all of them can be swept away at any time.

The bank still owns this.

There are fleeting moments I wish were “mine.”

We have creatures who share our lives . . . but are they mine?

The way she orders me around, there is no way she’s “mine.”

This one lets me share “her” bed.

She turned me into a middle-aged woman with a little dog, but Miss “You have to wrestle me to the ground to clip my nails” is not mine.

My loyal boy is not “mine” either.

Fruit of my womb, and I’ll love her until the end of time,  but definitely not “mine.”

Love of my Life. We said, “I do,” but we don’t own each other. We share our lives.

There is just one thing that is really and truly mine.



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  2. I hesitate to tell you . . . we can be swept away in an instant as well, so if that’s the criteria, then I am not “mine” either.

    However, as we are being philosophical, there are a few things that are mine. Intensely mine. My thoughts, feeling, fears, hopes, sorrows, happiness, and a few more that are truly mine and cannot be voiced.

    But we can’t really take a picture of those can we? Heck, we can’t even fully express them to our satisfaction.

    But . . . indirectly we can; you took a picture of each one of those things. If you look at the above in a different light, the last picture is out of place. It does not show what is yours. It just shows you; photos can’t see who you are.


      • Well, the whole concept of mine is tied to “being”. Everything you use is yours in a practical sense, and in another sense it remains yours even after you are gone. I have a few things that belonged to my grandfather. I have them, but they were his, and in a sense they still are. “these are my grandfather’s binoculars” . . .

        This blog is yours. I wonder what happens when we cease to be . . . the blog can and often does go on (with a lot less updates). You can’t say “it was his or hers” because it would still be. The identity would persist. Some sites do not recycle user names, so your identity goes on without you.

        Whoa . . .too deep, man. I need to chill.


      • Man, you are going to go down swinging, ain’t ya. In Stewart’s own words. “You couldn’t be more wrong.”.

        They might own the domain, and you grant them rights to use the content for the sole purpose of promoting your blog, and they can restrict the content if it violates the TOS associated with the use of their software, but it is your blog. It exists through your effort, and what you put in it. It comes alive through your actions. It’s your copyright, and reflects your thoughts, your vision, you.

        It is much more you than nearly anything else you have, for it is not independent of you. Everything you show above can and does operate either through independent action (pets) or by the intervention of someone else.

        That is not the case for this blog, the words within it, nor the pictures. Someone else can certainly take it over, but they cannot replicate what you do.

        Think of it as a written word, a painting, or any other piece created through the inspiration or effort of an individual. Someone might buy it, hang it on their wall, include it in their library, but it is forever of that individual. “It’s a da Vinci” someone will say, and it will forever be. Artists might sell their works, but they are inexorably tied to them. Inseparable.

        OK . . . so I’m pushing it a bit. My blog is just a blog. It does not have the whole of me. It is not me. But, and don’t tell anyone, it has more of me than most people might realize. It has more of me than anything else in the world . . . with the exception of other places that hold my words and store my pictures.

        We are what we do. And what we do is forever ours, even when sold, lost, or discarded.

        You can certainly argue the nuance of the mechanics (da Vinci bought the paint made by someone else, used a canvas woven by someone else, got paid by others, and carved rocks that were not of his making), but it does not change the fact that what I just wrote is uniquely mine, even if expressing thoughts and opinions shared by others. So much so, that like everything else I write, it gets copied for my own files . . . because I don’t know if I could replicate it.

        . . . the moment has passed, and I move on . . .


      • My, my, you do take my words to heart don’t you? Okay. I see your point. The blog is mine. WordPress merely owns the platform. I pour my heart into this place, so yeah, I get what you mean. And I do agree with you. Breathe . . . 🙂


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