Day 57 – Fun with Still Life

As mentioned in my previous post, our next lighting assignment is to recreate an Old Master’s still life.  I picked Vincent Van Gogh’s “Still Life with Earthenware and Bottles.” Why, you ask? No fruit and no greenery (difficult to get at this time of year); not to mention that Van Gogh’s painting had items that bore some resemblance to items I actually had around the house.

The bottles were reasonably easy as we are a wine drinking household.  I had a bowl similar to the one on the right, a clay vase like the one in the background and a small dutch oven similar to the one in the center. And who doesn’t have a wooden spoon?  My only difficulty prop-wise was the two small white cups at the left, so I had to improvise. Challenges: my wine bottles are taller than those above, and my dutch oven is a bit smaller and a different color. No handles on my vase. (Yes, our names on it – as well as our wedding date – it was a gift from a friend when we got married).

My set up was a bit more squished than the one above as I shot it on two wooden t.v. trays.

Mostly I was looking to repeat the set up and the lighting. And the lighting was definitely a challenge. I shot many, many photos. Here’s the one that comes as close as I could get at this point.

I’m posting the photograph, followed by the photograph with a dry brush filter.

My version of "Still Life with Earthenware and Bottles" - Photo © Carissa Snedeker

My version of "Still Life with Earthenware and Bottles" - Photo with Dry Brush filter © Carissa Snedeker


  1. . . . where’s the ear?

    I’d say that’s a pretty close match.

    I’d not thought of that . . . recreating famous paintings. I know one Lisa, but she lives in Michigan . . . hmmm.


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