Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

My submission for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Sweetie’s mom just recently moved back to northern Nevada, after living in Hawaii for ten years. Needless to say, her blood is a bit thin, so we tried to help alleviate her shivering bones this Christmas.

Girls’ Night Out

As many of you know, our daughter is getting married (next Saturday!).  Her bridal shower was last Saturday, but it was not a “typical” one. Daughter eschewed gifts and opted instead for a girls’ night out. We got pampered at a local nail salon, Soak, followed by a price conscious dinner.  I took the liberty of reserving the studio at Hatch for a little post-supper fun.





There are props at the studio . . .



We had a lot of fun . . .





I did mention the props right? Ali took one look at the headdress and rethought her decision to go veil-less.


We took a little time for some individual shots too.



And finally, a portrait I’ve been wanting for a long time  . . .


He’s Two!

Remember this little boy?  This is our great-nephew, Mattix.

And he’s two years old now.

Of course, that meant a party!  We started out at the water park at North Valleys Regional Park.

There was pizza.

And ice cream.

Cards and lots of presents.

And just as we were about to eat some cake . . .

. . . lightning strikes began and the park had to close. So we had to head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to finish the party.

We finally get down the important part.

Then off to play some more!

And before it was all through, we got a group photo.  I must say, I’m rather proud of myself on this achievement. I got everyone sitting and posed, Mattix was off to the side playing on the recliner. I told everyone, “No matter what happens with Mattix, keep looking into the camera.”  I set the timer, grabbed Mattix from the recliner, threw him into his mommy’s lap, jumped into my spot and “Smiles!”  Got it on the first take. 

Gratuitous cute puppy photo. This is Bambi, the newest addition to my brother & sister-in-law’s household.

Sunrise over Half Dome

This past weekend, Sweetie and I went to Yosemite to join family and friends to say one last good-bye to Dad. We rose before dawn to drive up to Glacier Point. Just before we got there a bear crossed the road and ambled up into the pines.  The sky was already beginning to lighten when we arrived.

At the lookout, a doe met us as we walked up to the lookout point. She was not shy.


We called her our escort.




It was beautiful morning.



We said our good-byes in the place dad loved so much. Every summer meant a week in Yosemite.


As the sun began to rise behind Half Dome, the clouds became very apparent and I did what I could to capture them.


My brother and nephew gazing out on the valley, lost in thought.


Sunbeams through the mist hanging over Yosemite.


Before we left, we gathered for a group photo.


As we made our way back to the parking lot, our escort awaited us.



She was quite gentle and unafraid and I was able to get quite close to her.


She walked with us as we headed for the parking lot, and then, she walked off into the woods.

It was a perfect morning in Yosemite.

Lighting Practice – Single source lighting – Alison

I think I like this one of my daughter is my favorite of the bunch from our shoot on Sunday.  I’m going to try this again with a different lens and a little more of a smile.

Direct light over her shoulder and reflected into her face using a white poster board


He’s eighteen months old now!  I did my best to crop Sweetie out of this shot, but the kid is a whirling dervish and I had to capture him as best I could this past Easter Sunday.