Maya, Two Years On

Two years ago this lovely girl was literally at death’s door.  Her diagnosis was hyperthyroid as well as renal failure.  Her prognosis was grim. But with some wonderful veterinary care, and a stubborn little princess who wasn’t ready to leave us just yet, we are heading into Maya’s sixteenth year on this earth and in our hearts.


I love this camera

I recently purchased the Fujifilm X100F. This little camera fits easily in my purse and is quickly becoming my casual camera.
Although I shoot in both RAW and JPEG, seeing these images straight out of camera, using the included film simulations, has me rethinking wasting the disk space on RAW.



Anniversary, of sorts

A year ago we very much thought we were losing Maya. She was as thin as a rake and not eating enough to keep a bird alive.  Thanks to veterinary science she’s still with us. If all goes well, she will turn fifteen in May.


Worth noting

I just hit the 1,000 followers mark.  I don’t think that means much though as many are marketers, etc.  Blog traffic is about what it’s always been, some photos you love, others receive a collective ‘meh’ response,  but to those of you sticking with me through feast and famine, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Candy Purveyors

In Nevada, we celebrate our statehood by closing down for a day and having a big parade down Carson Street in Carson City. Back in the day, candy was just thrown, willy-nilly, from the walkers and float riders. In recent years, parade participants are not allowed to throw the candy, so everyone has to get up-close and personal. Lots of fun!

NV Day Parade-116

NV Day Parade-123

NV Day Parade-152

NV Day Parade-166