Fujifilm X100F 365/Day 10

More color film simulation comparisons. Yes, the differences are subtle. The Astia/Soft is just that… a bit soft and will be wonderful for portrait work. Classic Chrome washes a tad bit of the color away which I think will be great for street photography. Velvia/Vivid is definitely meant for landscape, or images where colors popping is needed.  There is also Provia which has a bit more color pop and Pro Neg Std and Pro Neg Hi. Image below processed in Lightroom only to create jpgs of all the color film simulations.

ISO 160 / f/2 / 1/1000s
23.0 mm (35.4 mm in 35mm)

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01-019-2019 astia soft


01-019-2019 cc

Classic Chrome

01-019-2019 pro neg hi

Pro Neg Hi

01-019-2019 pro neg std

Pro Neg Std

01-019-2019 provia std

Provia Std

01-019-2019 velvia


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