I’m coming back

January 1, 2019 – New 365 project.

In the meantime, here’s Nina on Christmas Day 2018.



  1. Good to hear . . . But, do you really want a 365 project?

    I ask because I’m doing the 313 and it takes time and so I don’t do as many of my longer and more varied posts.

    Just saying there are downsides to committing to a year’s worth of daily posts.


      • Well, I didn’t want to do a 365 (I ride alone, away from the crowd) so I picked a palindromic prime number.

        Meaning, I committed to 313 posts, each with a photo, a cartoon, and a doodle.


          • I’ve always notice a drop in readership as 365 projects progress. I’ve assumed it’s because no matter how fresh the idea, for most readers it becomes a commitment they don’t want.

            The reason for the three offerings is that at least I have different things that might interest different people. People get quickly bored, or so I assume.

            Even so, like other projects 365, the readership is down on those posts and it kicks up whenever I do any post that’s not the Project.

            But also, I did three things because I was interested in different photo processing, I have lots of cartoons I can share, and it forces me to doodle.

            Plus, I link older posts for variety and to direct new readers to other stuff they might not be aware of.

            But, as I said, 260 posts into the project I seldom get more than half the readers I had at the beginning.

            . . . then again, I could just suck as a blogger . . . but I prefer to think people are just too busy. Heck, I know I am.


            • I’m not doing it for readership. I’m doing it for me, for my own reasons, which stem mainly from wanting to reconnect with my own personal journey with photography, which has taken a hit over the last few years.

              I am looking at it as a practice and a discipline that I hope will help me find some balance and peace of mind.

              A way of getting out of myself and back TO myself, at the same time.


            • As I’ve oft repeated, it’s the only reason to do a blog and also why I do it. I’d still do it even if no one ever read it.

              Still, if it were strictly for ourselves, there would be no need for a blog. The way I see it, making the public commitment is a way to lock in an obligation to finish it.


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