2017 365 #14

She’s a little worn, but she’s still smiling. A mere six inches tall, Mini-Hillary was my constant companion during the campaign: Hanging out in my bag while I knocked on doors; standing by while I made phone calls; attending events and rallies; hitching a ride to the county convention, the state convention, and finally, the Democratic National Convention where I had the honor to serve as a district delegate for Hillary Clinton. Mini-Hill will be taking one more trip with me next Friday as I head to Washington, DC to participate in the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21st.



Though I’ve had the joy of meeting Hillary Clinton a handful of times, I’d never had Mini-Hill with me . . .  until last August.  She’d come to Reno to deliver a very important policy speech and I was one of a group of ‘super volunteers’ who had been  taken to a side room and told we were there to meet with a ‘senior staffer’ from Brooklyn who would be briefing us on the campaign.


Matching pantsuits!

Photo by Barbara Kinney.  (Note: As a photographer, my Barbara Kinney girl-crush has no limits ~ so this was a day for the record books for me.)


  1. What a fantastic journey you had, Carissa! You look absolutely gorgeous by the way. I hope the rally on Friday has an impact, I think you are very courageous for attending. I hope mini Hill brings you and all of us some luck. I love your pics of her, in miniature and in the flesh no less! Wonderful!


  2. I guess the ‘real thing’ feels a trifle knocked about a bit after the last years campaigning. HC may be resilient but there is only so much that a human being can absorb without there being some deep hurt. The best image of you campaign that I saw was on the day after the results when some lucky person bumped into Bill and Hillary plus dogs in the woods and managed to get a great selfie of all of them….They look so relaxed. As for this coming week…..here in the UK we are still wondering just how did this happen ? (This from a nation that has its own share of odd politicians) 🙂


  3. It’s a nightmare from which we can’t wake up. I love the photos, of course especially the one with the real thing. As for the march, give ’em hell, Carissa!


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