DIY globe light

Take one 10 in. White Acrylic Globe with 4 in. Fitter from Home Depot, add to Einstein E640. I had to remove (saw off) the lip around the opening and smooth it a bit to get it to fit under the clips of my Einstein, but once that was done it fit like a glove and the results from my quick test are pretty nice. Obviously, I cannot use the modeling light with this set up. Strictly strobe. But the light is nice and soft and wraps nicely.

Can’t wait to try it out on a human.








  1. Can you add some shots of the actual attachment on and off the light? Not having one of those lights, I can’t visualize how it attaches.

    . . . only if you have the time, of course.

    • Go here and zoom in on the photo of the light. You will see four clips. You squeeze one of the levers on either side to get the clips to close together to close to allow the light to place the modifier over the bulb, and release to have them open again to secure the modifier.

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