A year of self – Not slacking, but distracted

In case you haven’t noticed, my Year of Self 365 project has taken a bit of a hit in the past few days. I’ve been more than wee bit distracted by my recent trip to the cardiologist and surprise discovery that I’ve been in continuous atrial fibrillation since January 3rd. Much consternation all around at the doctor’s office, and a plan of treatment is now in place. I do hope you will forgive me that I haven’t had much of a mind for photographing myself.

I should be back on track very soon.

Maybe a sweet photo of Maya will help!


      • I’m doing great! Life interrupted blogging for now, but I’m pleased everyday to see emails show up from those who still do. It’s been a joy to watch your photography bloom.

        Thanks for your comment about the spam. I’ve commented a few other places and the comment didn’t appear, even on my site. I thought there might be something wrong with the interface on my older computer and WordPress.

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  1. How were they able to pin-point the exact date? I have the same problem and it’s taken so long to get it back in sinus, as they call it. I’ve tried doing it with pills, having the electric paddles, and ablation, where they go into the heart with that little camera and a snipper which they use to snip the places where the electrical paths are not doing as they should. The last one is the one that has so far done the trick. The next step for me is a pacemaker plus pills. So there are lots of options. Good luck and please keep us in the loop.


    • They can read my pacemaker data. That’s how they know exactly. I’m hoping the cardioversion does it, but if not, another ablation may be in the works. I’m not good with meds at all.


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