A year of self #57 – Breaking out of my comfort zone

One of the reasons I chose to do a year of self-portraits was to push myself photographically.   I knew that there would be times when I would feel silly, or ugly, or uncomfortable. I knew there would be times when I would hesitate before posting an image.

This image below is one of those hesitations.  Taken nearly a month ago, I have sat on this one for weeks, wondering when, or if, I would ever have the courage to publish it.

This photograph speaks to me, and it speaks for me. It is both an image of my aging body and a symbol of it – beginning to show the wear of time –  but still mine, and still strong.



  1. Pourquoi “corps vieillissant”? Beaucoup de femmes souhaiteraient d’être comme vous.
    Soyez et restez vous-même, vous avez beaucoup de charme. Changez votre regard sur vous.
    La vieillesse est notre avenir à tous.


    • I will be 59 this year, so I am well past the middle of the years I am likely allotted. If family history is any indication, and I live out my years naturally, I may have another 25, maybe 30 to go.. I am very appreciative of all my years, so I don’t see “aging” as a pejorative, but as a fact of my life.


  2. I did wonder when you announced a year of Selfie shots just how you would keep the variety fresh and different each day. But I guess with yesterdays Warhol scheme and todays you have two more very different approaches. Great and I wait with anticipation for tomorrows offering (-:


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