A year of self #54 – A little shell-shocked

Please let me explain.

Last night I went to bed far too late for a work night, but thought, “If I sleep deeply enough it might not be so bad.”

Not so much.

First it was the cold. I just couldn’t get warm, even though I had on leggings, a t-shirt and a sweater, and was sleeping on flannel sheets with a comforter and an extra blanket. I cannot explain why I was cold but it is something that just happens to me every once in a while. Eventually I began to warm up.

Just in time for the smoke detector to begin to chirp…about once a minute or so, to alert us to the fact that we needed to change the battery.  I glanced at the clock.

2:44 a.m.

Ugh. My alarm goes off at 5.

The chirp, while annoying, wasn’t that loud, so I thought, “If I just close the bedroom door, I should be able to sleep through this and deal with it in the morning.”  So I threw off the covers, pulled myself out of my nice warm (finally) bed, closed the bedroom door and crawled back under the covers.

Except that now Jezebel was on the wrong side of the bedroom door, and meowing piteously to get into the bedroom. So I got up, let her in, and re-closed the bedroom door against the chirping smoke detector.  One would have thought Jezzie would have been so grateful, she would have bounded onto the bed and settled down between my knees.

Oh no.  Cue the continuous meowing, me patting the space between my knees and trying to quietly lure her onto the bed without disturbing Sweetie. It wasn’t working. Sweetie stirred and groaned.  Eventually Jezebel jumped on the bed, but thought it would be a much better idea to march up to my pillow, purr loudly and headbutt me so that I would lift the covers to let her crawl into the space she has loved since she was a kitten: the curve of my stomach as I lay on my side.

Headbutt, crawl under the covers, lay down for five seconds, back up again, more stomping on my pillow, more purring and headbutts, and then finally, when I was just about to kill her, she decided maybe she ought to settle down for the night.

And then my stomach started to act up.

So, yeah. Not a lot of sleep to start the week, and this image pretty much expresses how I feel right now.

I really only have myself to blame.




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