A year of self #39 – Window light all around

Just a quick one today. I had a shoot yesterday morning and another one this afternoon, so my weekend has been full of doing what I love. I took this photograph in our living room about 11:30 in the morning. I have a black sheet as backdrop and I am facing our north-facing living room bay window.  The day is overcast.  Over my shoulder at camera left is window light from the window at the back and left side of the room, creating a decent rim light.  From the right was a bit more light coming through our front door (glass storm door), bringing in a bit more light (how much I am not sure).  A few processing tweaks, and here you go.  My eyes are not as sharp as I would have liked them to be as I was shooting rather wide-open and my DoF was rather short.  50mm at 640ISO.


  1. Lovely image with the soft lighting. … You commented that your eyes are not sharp. How did you set the focus? Is it auto-focus? Maybe the lens focused on something nearer the camera, such as the arm of the chair.


    • I had a spot established my focus spot before the shot, but being as I was shooting at a very shallow DoF, even a slight shift front or back will take the eyes out of focus. If I’d shot at f/8 the problem would have been eliminated as the focal plane would have been wider from front to back..


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