A year of self #31 – Heart Study

From front to back this photograph shows:

1. The necklace given to me by my daughter. With rare exception, I am never without it. She is my heart, and this necklace is my talisman.

2. The bump in my left breast bone caused by my enlarged heart from my congenital heart defect. A fact of life I live with every day.

3. The lump of my pacemaker resting on my left breast bone and which quietly allows me to live a life wherein I am not in danger passing out every time I pick up my walking pace.


  1. You inspire me Carissa.
    This very personal insight offers the reader a whole new meaning to the person you are. Further it serves to reinforce your strength humility and compassion for your family and for life itself. This for me is a special image. Thank you for sharing x

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