Faux Wall

I’m experimenting with creating backdrops. I put this one together quickly after dinner last night. It is about a yard and a half of striped fabric and a baseboard to simulate a wall.   Issues: getting the fabric not to pucker or drape. I’ve got ideas on how to remedy this in the future.

Bibi has proved useful…


Snoopy was pulled onto my set.


Buddy was a bit more reluctant, but I managed to pull this one off.


On my next test, I’ll be sure to iron the backdrop.


  1. Don’t mention backdrops……I guess they are a pain for any photographer. I can press my pants and shirt to perfection but turn on the lights and that perfectly ironed backdrop looks anything but. Iron then hang and leave seems to be the solution. One friend would iron, hang then spray with a little steam….but that seems extreme.


    • It was my own fault. I literally pulled it out of the fabric store bag, just to see what I could do. Five minutes with the iron would have solved it.

      But I hear what you are saying. My larger muslim backdrops give me fits. I’d rather work with seamless, but love the convenience (read: portability and storage ease) of cloth.


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