Did I mention this?

I joined Hatch Reno (see web site here), and as a member I get use of the studios (regular and natural light) for a certain number of hours every month.  Basically, the studio is set up using Sue Bryce’s specs. The studio has wide open north facing windows so the light in the studio stays pretty much the same as long as the sun is out. The walls are white and the light bounces around the room. Lovely.

I have a shoot at the natural light studio set up for tomorrow, but wanted to get the lay of the land today. So I took a look-see this morning and took advantage of the opportunity to get a few selfies in at the same time.

The studio comes with lots of props, wraps, and other lovely items, as well.


  1. You are certainly dedicated to the craft, and it sounds like the perfect place to take it higher. As mentioned by others, looking forward to future projects.


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