Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Oh, this week’s challenge is right up my alley. I’ll be posting some I’ve already got, but I’ll be on the prowl for something new.

For this week’s challenge, we want you to become a documentary photographer and attempt to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing. Put your National Geographic hat on and tell a story by documenting a moment in time through a single image. Capture the thrill of a skate park, or the calmness of a café patio. Let your imagination inspire and guide you!

It doesn’t matter if you live in a city of eight million people like New York City, or a town of 764 people like Brigus, Newfoundland. There are moments to capture and share.

Final salute

VSCO Polaroid 669

I’m falling in love with VSCO.  Long-time readers may recognize these shots – taken on January 3rd in downtown Reno. All were treated with Polaroid 669 from the VSCO 03 pack (instant films).

Polaroid 669- -_-189

Polaroid 669-

Polaroid 669-004

Polaroid 669-049

Polaroid 669-170

Link to VSCO: http://vsco.co/film