Back home and trying to decompress

It was an emotional five days in southern California. I flew home late Sunday night, worked yesterday, and went to bed early. It’s all still raw, though I know this feeling will fade. We managed to get one decent family photo taken on Thursday night (after dinner and putting together the photo boards). Daughter’s fiance and my Sweetie are missing as they didn’t arrive until Friday and Saturday, respectfully, but here we are…kids (less Brother #2 who did not come), grandkids, and significant others (mostly).


Front row (L-R): Me, Brother #1, Brother #3

Back row: Brother #1’s wife, my daughter, Brother #4, his son, Mom, Brother #3’s son, Brother #4’s wife, Brother #1’s youngest, Brother #3’s S.O., Brother #1’s oldest.

More photos to come later.


  1. I can see the family resemblance. Isn’t that the most interesting thing in families. Even if the members don’t look very much alike, there’s generally a common resemblance. I enjoyed seeing the family, Carissa! Nice of you to post it.


  2. Wonderful family photograph, I can say dear Carissa, especially I loved this little one, the dog 🙂 You are so beautiful and always your smiling is so nice. Blessing and Happiness to you family, Thanks and Love, nia


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