Lightroom and Me

I thought I was a Photoshop girl.  I’ve started to stray.  The ease with which I can process several photographs quickly in Lightroom is rapidly winning me over.


  1. Lightroom has come a long way :-). Between Photoshop, Lightroom and NIK, I don’t know which I used more. Your kitty is so beautiful. Great shots. The black and white is very effective. Do you tranquilize her to get her to sit still? 🙂 I can’t seem to get my cats to sit still for a second. The moment I bring my camera out – they’re jumping all over it.


    • Maya is pretty mellow and she is one of my best critter models. Yes, I love NIK too. My first “go-to” has always been Adobe Bridge, then take into Photoshop since that is what I was taught in my Intro to Digital Photography class way back in 2011. I tried an earlier version of Lightroom, and wasn’t keen on it, but the latest version (plus availing myself of some online demos), has gotten me to remember to at least give it a go.


    • Thank you. As I said above, my initial exposure to RAW processing was through Photoshop, but I’m really warming to Lightroom. The interface is much better and quite the time-saver.


    • Google Translate to the rescue: “I just found Lightroom 5 and I must say that I love this module development and I am a member of tutorials Serge Ramelli (see his videos on Google).”

      Thank you for the tip. I will look him up!


  2. If you’re interested, google “lightroom queen”. Victoria is a certified adobe lightroom expert and on her site there is a tab for lightroom 5 quick start. It’s a free basic pdf guide on using lightroom. I have no association with her.


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