Photo Shoot: Michelle, Matt & Mattix

I had the pleasure of photographing my nephew, Matt, his former girlfriend, Michelle, and their eight month old son, Mattix, yesterday afternoon.  Challenges: WIND!  And a baby more interested in doing what babies do – looking at everything except the lady with the camera and putting everything that interested him into his mouth. Hey, it’s what eight-month-olds do!

I had big ideas for the shoot which all came crashing down when the wind would not allow my white umbrella to stand, so I did what I could under the circumstances. I shot completely hand-held and did a lot of crawling around on the ground.

A few family shots . . .

Look at that face!

Kissing baby cheeks is the best.

(For this one, I used onOne’s FocalPoint 2.1 to highlight Michelle and Mattix.  I really like how it turned out.)

Crawling and exploring . . . that’s an eight-month-old’s job. 

I’m thinking he’ll be walking before he’s a year. 

Num! Leaf!

What’s that over there?

Binky shot.

And, as always, I learned what worked, what didn’t, and what to do differently next time. (For one thing, I could have utilized the stray person not in the shots (Michelle’s mom) as my assistant That thought came me as I was driving home!)