Day 126 – Scars II

As I mentioned in the comments in Day 70 – Scars, I have a much larger heart surgery* scar than the one shown in that post. I’ve been wanting to photograph it for quite some time and tried to do so in my Intro to Digital Photography class last semester. At the time I had no clue on how to light it so to show it effectively. I’ve learned a bit since then, and so this morning I gave it another go.  My goal was to show my entire scar, and these two photos pretty much do so. And I wanted the shots to be artistic, not clinical.

At some point, I’d like to do a series of photos of scars (mine and others). I’m fascinated by them, and the stories they tell.

Lighting was my two soft boxes on either side of me. The one on camera left faced completely right.  I place the light at camera right slightly forward of the other and faced it slightly back. ISO 100, f/8, 1/50s.  I would have liked the photos to have a bit more contrast but for a first try, I’m okay with these.

* For those of you new to the blog since Day 70, if you are interested in my congenital heart defect history, I’ve covered it at my other blog. You can find all posts HERE, but the main explanation of my defect  is HERE).


  1. beautiful pictures Carissa…if this is something you wanted to do for so long…I think you did a great job…and you said you wanted more contrast…I’m not so sure about that…I think these pictures turned out just great artisticly! And I must say I admire you for your bravery to show.
    And for what it’s worth coming out of my ‘mouth’… I think you still have an awesome body


    • Thank you Joanna. You may be right. More contrast would have changed the feel of the photos. As to your other comment, I had to stretch to make these shots work and that stretching helped to hide my loss of skin elasticity. Getting older is a bear. But it sure beats the alternative. 🙂


  2. I think these shots are hugely successful. You’ve done a great job with the lighting. I’m glad you shared how you achieved the lighting because when I first saw the images I wondered immediately how you did it.

    I LOVE your idea of a series of photos of scars. I can imagine what an incredibly beautiful, challenging, and creative project that would be, not only for you, but for other people you might include as subjects.


  3. Beautiful photos! I think scars are fascinating and beautiful too. I’m not sure if you fit our gallery because it deals with mental health, but you can check it out, and if so we have a self portrait challenge and we would welcome a submission from you. Or of your other work any time. Let me know.


    • Wow, thank you for the request. I’ll be contacting you via email. Like many, I have scars that can be seen and some that can’t. I would love to submit something for the challenge.


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