Day 53 – Hanging Light or Abstract Art?

I shot this tonight at our Reno Freethinkers meeting. It was the light hanging from the ceiling illuminating the stairs to the second-floor room we were in.  I shot it looking straight up from the stairwell.

© Carissa Snedeker

© Carissa Snedeker

Day 52 – Country Gas Station at Night

First day back at work after a three-day weekend, so of course I was busier than usual.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I need to leave early to make it to school by 4pm for my lighting class, so I don’t take a lunch.  Tonight was critique night, so I had no chance to shoot anything until after class.

This gas station sits at the crossroads of Highways 50 and 95, the location of our town’s one and only stoplight; a blinking one.  Shot at ISO 1600, f/13, 1/60s (hand-held).

© Carissa Snedeker

About critique night. Our third assignment was to shoot a face lit from six different angles. This was the shot everyone, including our teacher, felt was my best. I’m very happy with this shot. There is always room for improvement, and it’s far from perfect, but for my first foray into the light studio, it came out pretty good.  Shot with a diffused light camera right, with a white poster board reflecting the diffuse light to provide some fill for the left side of her face.

Daughter © Carissa Snedeker

Day 51 – Silhouette

More light play.

I shot these in my dark office. Holding my Speedlite 430EXII towards the wall I used manual mode to have the flash go off at a single point during the ten second exposure. I only set the exposure time so long so I could get in place. ISO 100, f/10, 10s.

I would have liked to have been a tad more to my left. I feel like I’m squished a little to close to the right of the frame, though I do like the light around my left arm.

© Carissa Snedeker

© Carissa Snedeker

Day 50 – Faded Roses and Budding Pines

I wandered into the yard today with plans to practice with my light meter.  I metered and photographed the dogs, the trees, the sleeping vegetable garden and just worked my way around the backyard.  It worked swimmingly and with few exceptions, my shots were properly exposed for my intended shots.

Our rose bushes have not been pruned so there are quite a few dead blooms on them. After shooting some of them, I headed out front to check out the Austrian Pines. We planted five of them when we built the house eleven years ago, and at the time they were just about three feet tall.  Now they are huge and I noticed today that only one of them has pine cones on it. Odd.  All the pines are “budding” though.

Rose Leaves © Carissa Snedeker

Red Rose © Carissa Snedeker

White Rose © Carissa Snedeker

Pine Bud © Carissa Snedeker

Day 49 – Water!

Joanna has inspired me to play with water.  This is a travel mug turned upside down in the sink. I let the water run over it and shot it at ISO 100 f/5.6 at 1/200s using flash.  In this particular shot, the water was streaming at the back of the cup forcing a small wall of water to spray of from the rim.  This was quite fun and as with all experiments, I got a bit of an education. I’ll return to this topic again. Thanks Joanna!

Day 48 – Life

Since I was in class on Tuesday, Sweetie and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight.  I left my DSLR at home, so I shot this one* with my iPhone and manipulated it a bit in Photoshop using a couple of filters and even some vignetting.    See you all tomorrow!

© Carissa Snedeker

* It’s a Hallmark bag.

Day 47 – Lighting class “quick fire” challenge

Our instructor was out tonight, but our lab assistant was there and between him and Jeff, they had an assignment for us for the night.   The exercise we were given was adapted from Photo Workout: Flex Your Photographic Skills at Digital Photography Magazine online.

Light is critical to photography. Without light, you can’t take pictures! One of the keys to becoming a better photographer is to “see: the light and understand what it is doing within an image. The camera only sees the light and emphasized that light, even it it’s not flattering or beneficial for the subject. It is the job of the photographer to understand and properly utilize light for the desired effect.

ASSIGNMENT: Create an image using light as a creative or technical component to your composition. Illustrate how your light  effectively interact with or within the composition (Does it affect the subject? Is it the subject? Does it provide movement? Does it increase or decrease the contrast Does it enhance the composition, if so, how?) You may use: natural, artificial, continuous, flash or any combination of them all. Your image must be shot in class time. Print one copy of your image, black and white or color.  HAVE FUN!

Tips: Using the techniques that you have learned so far, find, create and/or use light in an interesting manner! Pay attention to both the quality and quantity of the light, and the effect it is having or producing. Look for spots of light, colored light, edge light, light contrasting with shadow or shadows themselves (as shadows are as much a part of light as the light itself). Look at the light, and what it is doing in your photograph. See how the light might be interesting in and of itself. Look at how light and shadows are interacting throughout the image.


We were given an hour to go out and shoot, and then we were to come back to the lab to process and print one photo.  We grabbed our cameras and out we headed out.  I shot a lot of photos, and some of them su-u-u-cked, but I managed to shoot a few of interesting shots.

A light on the wall in Knowledge Center:

© Carissa Snedeker

Palms near the windows in the Knowledge Center with sun shining through their leaves.

© Carissa Snedeker

© Carissa Snedeker

Outside the Starbucks located in  “The Joe” (Joe Crowley Student Union) I saw a table stacked on another. The shadow the leg cast on the brick wall captured my attention for a bit.

© Carissa Snedeker

Finally, I headed back to class and as I started to walk back through the Knowledge Center, these ceiling lights caught my eye:

© Carissa Snedeker

So which picture did I choose to print? And did I choose color or black & white?  And will I change my mind before Tuesday?