Nom Eats


Their truck has been parked in the driveway of a home in my neighborhood (until the city told them they couldn’t), but I never had the opportunity to try their vegan fare until Pride Festival on July 27th.  Very, very good. Nom, nom, nom.

Near and Far

After visiting the Rink on the River, I headed west on First Street to see who was hanging out by the Truckee near Wingfield Park. Druing the summer months the place is full of people, but it is January. Even though the temperatures were in the 50s, there weren’t very many people out and about.

The first person I spotted was this gentleman smoking a cigarette. The low afternoon sun made for some beautiful rim light.  I zoomed in.

Then I pulled back to capture his long shadow.  At first I thought I liked the first one, but on second view, I prefer the second for the context it provides.  Which do you prefer?

Tour de Nez: The Big Kids

The older ones.

So serious. Such focus on some of their faces.

Laughing with Bubba, the organizer of the event.

The big kids had to do one abbreviated lap of the course.

This little guy had been in the 7 and under class, and wasn’t satisfied with the short sprint.  He wanted to lap with the big kids.  So off he went on his Strider!  Note the yellow shirt. His Dad is a champion racer, so this kid has big dreams.

That’s Dad running beside him while he heads out.

First one across the finish line.





High five!

And yes, he made the lap!  Just three years old!

Tour de Nez: The Little Kids

And then there were the kids.


The wee ones (7 and under)

The little ones just did one sprint to the finish line. No laps.  Heading back to get their medals.

I loved her outfit. My daughter would have dressed just like this at her age.

Everyone got a medal.