An Experiment with Live View and White Balance

Months ago I made the switch to using Kelvin when setting my white balance. I found it much more effective at determining the correct white balance for my photographs. Still, it wasn’t always 100%. But the other day, I was reading a photography article and one sentence…almost a throw-away line…jumped out at me. It spoke of using Live View to determine white balance.

Wait. What?? How do I do that exactly? About 30 seconds later, I’d figured it out: Go into Live View, click on White Balance button on controls, select Kelvin and adjust with scroller until live image looks the way you want it to look. Snap photo. Voila!

These were all taken using that method and no white balance adjustments were needed. Weehaw!

Froggy and Maya images processed with VSCO (Fuji-FP 100c)



Nina – Pretty much straight out of camera, with minor tweaks. No white balance adjustment needed.


Love my boy

He seems to be getting used to my camera. Either that or he loves me enough to want to stick close. So while Nina was nosing around on the perimeter, I grabbed some lovely shots of my big boy yesterday.  By the way, I shot these setting my own white balance using Kelvin rather than my ExpoDisc (which I still love) or the automatic white balance (never use) or any of the presets (nearly never use now) and did not have to adjust my white balance at all in post production. I’m really getting the hang of it, and it’s made my post-production so much easier!

Taken on a very cloudy day (post rain storm) at about 6pm at night. ISO640, 50mm, ~1/125 sec, f/1.4.  Kelvin set at 7050.





White Balance Salvation?

I often struggle with white balance. Too cool, too warm, a bit green . . .  The automatic settings on my Canon work sometimes, and other times not so much.  Auto White Balance (AWB) often gets it wrong. I have a gray card, but more often than not, it stayed in my backpack.  I’d read about the ExpoDisc 2.0 (link) a couple of times and decided to give it a try. Amazon has a money-back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I took it out for a brief spin yesterday and I am very happy with the results. It is super easy to use. You just hold it in front of your lens, snap a picture and use that image have the camera manually set the correct white balance. I thought this would be complicated, but it wasn’t. It takes all of fifteen seconds to do it.  It’s small enough to fit in any bag I’m carrying my camera in, and so it will go with me anywhere my camera does.  It will get a good test today, as I am going to be indoors under what I assume will be fluorescent lights.

Buddy in the backyard. It was cloudy yesterday (rain today!).


Buddy and tennis ball at his feet.

Jezebel in my office lit by window light.

Buddy by window light.

Needless to say, I won’t be returning the ExpoDisc. I love it.