Pigeons along the Truckee

I haven’t been out on a photography walkabout for quite some time and it was really starting to get to me, so I took a couple of hours today to get my fix. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite images in the coming days. (Just so you know: they won’t all pigeons).  Just these two.

Near and Far

After visiting the Rink on the River, I headed west on First Street to see who was hanging out by the Truckee near Wingfield Park. Druing the summer months the place is full of people, but it is January. Even though the temperatures were in the 50s, there weren’t very many people out and about.

The first person I spotted was this gentleman smoking a cigarette. The low afternoon sun made for some beautiful rim light.  I zoomed in.

Then I pulled back to capture his long shadow.  At first I thought I liked the first one, but on second view, I prefer the second for the context it provides.  Which do you prefer?

Singing for his supper

Yep, that’s what his sign said. And he was good!

Those aren’t clouds behind him. Well, at least not real ones. These were painted on a building across the river.