Day 187 – Skateboarders

I drive by this skateboard park many times a week as it is one of the ways I can go to work (or home).  For weeks I’ve been wanting to stop and shoot, but for one reason or another had not done so. Finally, today I stopped. I shot for about twenty minutes.  It was challenging, and I plan on going back again.  They were all having a blast, even though they seldom “stuck the landing.”  Practice, practice, practice! It’s the only way to get any good at anything.

All photos can be found at SmugMug too.

This guy was pretty good.

This guy got something in his eye . . .

There was  a good mix of ages. Mostly boys, but a few girls as well. None of the girls were skating when I was shooting.

Newbie . . .

I love the shadow in this one.

Another of the younger ones.

I had to wait a while before some of them started skating on this steep incline,  but finally a group of them started working it.

When I left I thanked one of them for allowing me to practice.  I will return.