Washington, D.C. – My favorite spot, so far

The National Gallery of Art (link) has two buildings and the Sculpture Garden. I only visited the West Building and barely scratched the surface.  An hour-and-a-half one afternoon (after the Air and Space Museum) and two hours on our last day in town – –  three-and-a-half hours total – –  just wasn’t enough.  (This does not include the National Portrait Gallery, which I have yet to set foot in.)

Just a few shots . . .

Yes, I am fascinated by this lady.

So many pieces just took my breath away, and yes, I’ll admit to getting choked up when seeing a “real-life” Monet for the first time.

And this self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh? I stood in front of it for the longest time and just stared. And yes, I cried. Beautiful.

Bartley Ranch Park Sculpture

The weather was pretty nice yesterday, so I grabbed my camera and left the office for a little photo time. I kind of followed my nose and wound up at Bartley Ranch Regional Park.

In front of the old  Huffaker School House there is a life-size sculpture of a boy and a girl playing at a water pump.  I’ve been searching high and low for the artist and have not been able to determine who created this. However, it does bear a striking style resemblance to the sculpture I photographed last spring outside the Raggio Building on the University of Nevada campus.

I added some texture to these two.

Day 75 – Go Wolf Pack!

Taken outside Mackay Stadium at the University of Nevada, Reno.  It was just beginning to drizzle as I left class, but I managed to get a few good shots in.

I processed this one in black and white. Shot with ambient light only.

And this one in color.  It’s almost hard to tell the difference with the gloomy sky! Ambient light with a bit of fill flash.

Day 72 – The Circle of Squares

I had to go to Renown Medical Center today for a routine echocardiogram. Aside from having Dr. Phil inflicted on me in the waiting room, the visit was uneventful. Afterward I walked to Fianna’s Healing Garden with camera in hand to see what might strike my fancy.  The garden is dry and brown for the most part. Spring has not yet come. The garden has a small pond and waterfall (not running right now),  and a variety of plants, trees and herbs, as well as a small meditation labyrinth.  It also has three sculptures in the garden. The most intriguing one (to me) is the Circle of Squares by Cork Marcheschi. It looks like a sphere, but as you walk around it its shape changes and internal spaces shift.

One angle . . .

And another . . .

One more . . .

And finally . . .