Something new in my photographer’s toolbox

I’d heard about this mystery process called scanning negatives, and I knew my CanoScan 4400F had the capability. I’d even glanced at the little thing-a-ma-jiggy that holds the negatives. I finally took it out for a whirl yesterday.

Way cool.

No, seriously.

First husband (daughter’s dad). 1981. Willamette River. Portland, Oregon.

I miss Oregon so much, but I digress…

I took this photograph with my spiffy, new (at the time) SLR. I barely knew what I was doing, but this one came out pretty good. I wish I’d kept up with my photography, but we were young and poor and film developing was not cheap.

A whole new world has just opened before me. Toddling off to buy some film. Any recommendations from my film photographer followers? I love black and white too, so any recommendations would be most welcome!

Day 188 – Reno is Artown

In Reno, July means Artown, a month-long celebration of the arts. On Friday nights there are concerts by the river. Last night we had to go downtown to meet some friends at a local watering hole but before that Sweetie and I headed over to the amphitheater to listen to the music and do a little people watching.  I shot a bunch more photos and will likely post them later, but I’ve got to get these up as I should have been out the door thirty minutes ago.