Sounds of Reno

I was cleaning out some posts still in “draft” mode and realized that this one from last October should have been posted. I don’t know what distracted me. Anyhoo . . . here you go.

Box A-23, Reno Air Races, 2013.  The shirt she is wearing has a special meaning.  The owners of this box silkscreen a commemorative shirt every year, and we who volunteer at Box Seat Security are always given t-shirts as a thank-you. This particular version was the shirt we were all going to wear on Sunday in 2011.   Obviously, the crash on Friday changed those plans.

So we all wore them on Sunday in 2012 for the Tribute.

This year, we were given new “2013” shirts to wear on Sunday. And we did. Proudly.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I’m a bit late to this week’s photo challenge.

While the Reno Air Races is a group event, I love to look for those moments when individuals are in their own worlds.

Winning Woman

At the Reno Air Races, the winner of each race gets a ride in front of the grandstands in this vintage fire truck so that everyone can cheer and wave at them.   With so few women competing, it is always heartening to see one not only compete, but win.  This is Vicky Benzing.