Smoke Trails

Last night I met with three other members of my photography group to shoot smoke trails. It was the first time I’ve ever done it. Aside from nearly getting smoked out of our leader’s garage studio, we had a great time.  The first two were shot using my Speedlite. The others were shot using Michael’s studio strobe (after Susan let me use one of her Pocket Wizards).

Day 181 – Hiding in the petals

I was able to work from home today and that meant that I didn’t have to leave the house early in the morning.  Taking advantage of the extra time before my “work day” started, I headed out to photograph the backyard in the early morning light. Today was watering day and the flowers still held droplets of water from the sprinklers.

And then there is the purple sage . . .

The flowers are indeed lovely, but they also attract some six-legged creatures.  I’ve given up trying to avoid them, and now seek them out.

After fighting with VPN and reports all day I slipped out into the backyard once again, and guess what I found hiding in the roses? Anyone know what this little guy is? And he was teeny. A grasshopper? Cricket? Locust?