Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s photo challenge called for something a bit different.  I’ve been sitting on these after-the-shower photos for a few weeks now.

I eat, work, sleep, and dream in these earrings. With rare exception, I have them in my ears at all times. I feel naked without them.



The same goes for this necklace;  a gift from my daughter. You can also see the shadow from my pacemaker and the insertion scar. My less-than-perfect heart – also me.


Day 70 – Scars

I’ve been wanting to shoot my heart-related scars for a while but knew that it would take effective lighting to pull it off. Our next assignment for class is to shoot and print two photos (black and white) using a hot shoe flash both on and off camera.  You are getting a sneak peek at what I ‘m pretty sure I’m going to use.

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