Day 236 – Morning Sun and Afternoon Portrait

I usually shoot midday or late afternoon during my work week, but this morning I looked out my office window and saw some awesome morning light. I grabbed my camera and headed out for about five minutes.  I love the golden glow.

And late this afternoon I did a little experiment with myself.  I’d read this article, The Ultimate Guide to Zone Focusing for Candid Street Photography, at Digital Photography School and wanted to play with it a bit. These were shot at 1600 ISO, f/8, 1/30s.  To start, I focused the camera on a spot about five feet away. I then adjusted my camera according to the technique in the article, balanced the camera on my printer and set the timer to release the shutter. Voila!  I was in the focal plane!


I took these photos on June 6th and thought you might enjoy them. The musk thistles that I’ve been so fascinated with are also hives of insect activity.  All kinds of bugs make their home within the plants’ spiny leaves.  I thought these ants were using this thistle as an ant nursery, but they may have been harvesting honeydew from the aphids living there. Either way, I found the activity quite fascinating.

I am testing out the “gallery” feature of WordPress, but I have also posted the photos on SmugMug, in the likely event that WP flattens the photos’ color.