At the Arboretum

I spent part of Friday at Rancho San Rafael Park with a group of co-workers doing clean-up of the Wilbur D. May Arboretum (link).  Of course, I put my rake down for a bit to get in a few shots.

We worked this sunny patch as our first order of business. Temps were expected to get to over 100 later in the day, so we figured it was best to get this taken care of early.

Even at that early hour, it was freakin’ hot.  And dusty.

After getting this area cleared, we moved into shade by the labyrinth where I took a few minutes to capture some of the lovelies.

Day 223 – One last look around

I spent most of the day at the hospital waiting for a particular surgeon to show up. At four o’clock we still hadn’t seen the whites of his eyes. Since Mom came a few hours after I did, and Ta-Shi needed to be fed, I left and headed home. Fortunately, the hospital is about five minutes from the house and I arrived in no time at all. I fed the dog, grabbed my camera, slapped on my 50mm lens, and did one last shoot around the patio.




I fly home tomorrow morning.

Day 132 – Columbine

The flower, that is.

Taken in my garden this evening using my Speedlite (bounced of the steps to the left of the flower). As this particular side garden is right under our dryer vent, there are a few bits of its output on the flower.